For 20 years our family enterprise has been dealing with handcarved art of teakwood from Asia, especially from Thailand. The picking of gifted traditional carvers has been and still is one of the greates challengest of our business requiring both patience and regular contacts. We therefore believe the carvers under contract with us to be the first choice for valuable and reliable works of art. Every carver has depending on his own family tradition certain preferences for special styles and motives. During frequent visits of the workshops and carving studios we successfully developped a reliable process of import including wrapping, transport and customs clearence.

On the more than 10.000 km long travel to Europe damages on the transport are still possible. In our workshop in Herne, Germany experienced and qualified employees make a check on the freight to correct eventual damages. The workshop also is part of our after-sales-sevice and will support in word and deed because pieces of timber react to outer influences like humidity, temperature and light. A professional delivery is guaranteed by transportation on our company owned lorry.

The completion of a job starting from the order until the final delivery can take up to eight month. Mostly the time of manufaction but as well the asian mentality must be taken into consideration. We want and have to respect this because that is the only way toassure stable quality and so satisfied customers can be achieved.

                                                                               Yours Bernd Steinmeister